Vice President Naidu suggests making community service compulsory in schools and colleges

Community service in schools, colleges

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On Sunday, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu suggested making community service compulsory in schools and colleges as he tried to instill the spirit of “sharing and caring” in young people.
Addressing a gathering here on the occasion of the release of ‘Sing, Dance and Pray: The Inspirational Story of Srila Prabhupada’, a biography of the founder of ISKON, he said that Indian civilization represents the universal values ​​of unity, peace and social harmony, and called for a “spiritual renaissance” to preserve and propagate these centuries-old values.

The Vice President asked the youths to be inspired by great saints and spiritual leaders such as Srila Prabhupada and imbibe the qualities of discipline, hard work, patience and empathy to become better human beings.

“You must always rise above narrow considerations of caste, gender, religion and region and work to bring unity, harmony and peace in society,” he said, according to a statement issued by the Vice-President’s Secretariat. Describing Srila Prabhupada as a torchbearer of egalitarian thinking, Naidu said he embraced those who were rejected by society and brought joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Praising Prabhupada for his tireless efforts towards universal peace and harmony through the propagation of Vedic knowledge and culture, Naidu said: “The only criterion he insisted on was bhakti, or the love of God .”

Praising ancient scriptures for their transcendental spiritual value, Naidu said that for millennia they have been manuals urging people to lead ideal lives based on ethics and values.

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