Valley News – COVID-19: Dartmouth College Employees Get Additional Vacation Time Off

Posted: 10/05/2021 15:42:03 PM

Modified: 05/10/2021 15:52:46

HANOVER – Dartmouth College has added a week to employee vacation this year in recognition of their work during the COVID-19 pandemic, its president has said.

Dartmouth employee vacations will now run from Dec. 20 to Dec. 31, Dartmouth chairman Phil Hanlon said in an email to college workers on Tuesday. This adds the week before Christmas to the traditional college break between Christmas and New Years, he said.

“The pandemic has reinforced for all of us that every role in Dartmouth is important,” Hanlon wrote. Whether you teach, cleanse, create, train, serve, heal, build, research, or manage, whatever the position, you are an essential part of this institution’s mission, and I am proud to be your colleague. . “

Additionally, the college is also offering employees an additional floating personal day this school year, which they can use anytime before June 30 in consultation with their supervisors.

Thetford board rejects vaccine proposal

THETFORD – The Thetford Selectboard refused to impose COVID-19 vaccines on city workers during its Monday night meeting, the council chairperson said.

Three of the four board members present at the meeting, held in person at the Thetford municipal office and via Zoom, spoke out against such a requirement, a proposal put forward by the Thetford Elder Network.

“I just don’t see the need, given our high vaccination count right now, to cause a problem by instituting this warrant and / or testing when we don’t need it,” said Sharon Harkay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in an audio recording of the meeting.

Harkay said “most if not all” of Thetford’s employees have been vaccinated. Additionally, she said the city requires masks and social distancing in city buildings, and offers free face masks and hand sanitizer to people who forget theirs when they show up to the city office. .

Vermont offers help with utility bills

MONTPELIER – The Vermont Department of Public Service is accepting requests for help with overdue utility bills through October 24, according to the department’s website.

Vermont 2021’s COVID-19 Arrears Assistance Program provides financial support to customers who may face a disconnection from service due to overdue balances for their electricity, landline, natural gas, gas, etc. water or sewer / wastewater.

Vermonters financially affected by COVID-19 with 30 days or more late fees can get help with residential and non-residential accounts.

More information is available online at or by calling 833-295-8988.

Nora Doyle-Burr can be reached at [email protected] or 603-727-3213.

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