Two other universities switch to 6E networks

Texas A&M University and Doane University are upgrading their wireless infrastructure to 6E networks, a technology provider announced Tuesday.

Both universities will use technology from Aruba, a company owned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to upgrade their wireless networks, according to a company press release. Like most wireless networks found on campuses today, 6E networks also operate on standard radio bands, such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, but also use an additional 6 GHz band to accommodate more devices and activities.

At Texas A&M, the shift to 6E networks is part of the university’s Next-Generation Aggie Network, or NGAN, which is designed to meet future demands for capacity, speed, manageability, scalability, agility and performance, according to the university. The university launched its network refresh this fall and plans to move the entire campus to Wi-Fi 6E within three years.

“Every day, we have approximately 120,000 unique devices on our network,” Texas A&M Chief Information Officer Ed Pierson said in the press release. “When we started designing NGAN, we needed a resilient network that could scale quickly and easily as our needs evolved.”

Pierson said the university also plans to use 6E networks to support indoor location-based services to help with public safety.

“Our goal is to build the smart campus of tomorrow and that requires a secure, reliable and high-performance network,” said Pierson. “Rolling out Wi-Fi 6E was the obvious choice.”

At Doane University, a private college in Nebraska, the move to 6E is designed to accommodate an increasing number of student devices and campus-owned “Internet of Things” devices.

Ryan Dorshorst, director of technology operations at Doane University, said in a press release that 6E will support “critical” applications and high-bandwidth tools used for entertainment and education, such as streaming. video.

More than 250 educational institutions — including colleges, universities and K-12 districts — are using 6E access points, according to Aruba’s announcement. Among them is the University of Michigan, which announced in July that it was the “first American university” to operate a 6E network.

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