The popularity of UK universities in decline among students: study

Are UK universities losing their luster with international students? A new study from Universities UK International has found that while the UK was still ranked the second most popular study destination in the world in 2018, its position has become vulnerable. The UK has only a small lead over Australia, which ranks third, and it lost market share in 16 of the top 21 origin countries and territories between 2010 and 2018.

They add that a move towards increased regional student mobility has given rise to new players across Europe, in particular Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, but also in Asia, such as Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Japan.

New report – “International Student Recruitment: Why Aren’t We Second” – produced jointly by Universities UK International (UUKi) and IDP Connect – examines why the UK is underperforming in some countries and how it can become a destination more attractive studies for international students. UUKi is an organization which represents higher education abroad.

While UK universities provide an attractive environment for international students, the UK is comparatively more expensive in terms of tuition fees, student visa fees, and health supplements.

Compared to other national study campaigns, they note that the Study UK campaign does not provide detailed and important information about different countries in the UK or offer a scholarship finder. “In addition, the UK graduates route offers slightly fewer advantages in terms of length of stay or routes to permanent residence compared to other English-speaking study destinations,” he says. .

International students consider profitability, return on investment, and career options when choosing a study abroad destination. Source: Tolga Akmen / AFP

How UK universities stack up as a study abroad destination

International students consider profitability, return on investment, and career options when choosing a study abroad destination. The factors that most influence their decision are affordability – particularly the availability of scholarships, post-graduation work opportunities, hospitality and security, and the quality of education, according to the analysis. However, the magnitude of each factor varies from country to country.

IDP Connect found that students and parents, when considering studying at UK universities alongside the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, ranked fourth in the Kingdom United – just ahead of the United States – in terms of affordability.

Student visas are important considerations for international students. The report notes that Canada, France and Malaysia offer faster and simpler visa processes for certain nationalities. The UK stands out, however, with its student visa being the most expensive, although it is closely followed by Australia. In addition, the UK immigration surcharge is comparatively more expensive than health coverage in Australia or France.

Tuition fees at UK universities are also a major consideration. The US and UK are the most expensive in terms of tuition fees for English speaking countries. China and France offer significantly cheaper programs, while the charges in Germany are almost negligible. When comparing the cost of living, Japan, Australia and France top the list, while China and Malaysia are the cheapest study abroad destinations.

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