Ohio State places top-four in college football playoffs, joining Georgia, Alabama and Oregon

What happens when all of the college football playoff contenders except the No.1 team struggle on the first Saturday in November?

Not much with regard to the rankings of the CFP selection committee.

The undefeated Georgia Bulldogs remained No.1 in the second edition of the standings released Tuesday night, followed again by No.2 Alabama, who survived a 20-14 scare against LSU at home. Georgia, who beat Missouri 43-6 at home last week to 9-0, play Tennessee on Saturday.

Michigan State was the only team in the top-five from a week ago to lose Saturday, 40-29 to Purdue. The Spartans fell to 7th place, so the other three teams in the top six in the initial standings gained a spot. Oregon is No. 3, Ohio State is No. 4, and Cincinnati is No. 5. Michigan is No. 6 and has a place ahead of Michigan State, even though the Spartans have beaten them. Wolverines 37-33 October 30. Oklahoma, which was inactive last week, remained at No. 8, followed by No. 9 Notre Dame and No. 10 Oklahoma State.

Iowa sporting director Gary Barta, chairman of the committee, said deciding whether the Spartans or Wolverines should be higher ranked was one of the longest debates this week.

“A week ago it was discussed that Michigan could be the most complete team; offensively, defensively, every statistic Michigan is ahead of Michigan State,” Barta said on the ESPN rankings show. . “But the committee certainly gave [Michigan State] the nod. They were undefeated and they beat Michigan head-to-head. What’s different a week later? Michigan won, the state of Michigan lost. Discussion in the room came and went, but at the end of the day we felt as a committee that Michigan was a better team.

“Stay tuned, we can watch it again next week.”

While there is still a month to go until the final standings are released on December 5, a team’s current position does matter. In the previous seven editions of the CFP, 24 of the 28 teams selected were among the top six in the committee standings at this point in the season. Only Ohio State in 2014, Oklahoma and Michigan State in 2015, and Oklahoma in 2019 were outside the top six to five weeks to go and still made the top four, according to the ESPN Stats & Information research data.

In fact, the eventual national champion has placed in the top two in the second edition of the CFP Top-25 in each of the previous six seasons.

Outside of Georgia, none of the CFP’s top contenders for the CFP playoffs were too impressive last week. The Ducks won 26-16 in Washington in bad weather, and the Buckeyes beat Nebraska 26-17 on the road. Oregon’s 35-28 victory at Ohio State on September 11 still carries a lot of weight with the selection committee.

The Bearcats, who needed two stands on the goal line in the dying minutes to claim a 28-20 victory over Tulsa at home on Saturday, are the top-ranked team in a Group-Five conference. Unbeaten, Cincinnati hoped to be in the top four last week, but have struggled to beat fewer opponents in each of their last three games. The overall strength of his conference – there is no other AAC in the top 25 for the second week in a row – is also hurting his CFP chances.

The No.21 Pitt gained four spots, and No.11 Texas A&M and No.16 NC State each jumped three spots. With Michigan State, Auburn No.17 has dropped four spots and Wake Forest No.12 has lost three.

The No. 19 Purdue, No. 23 UTSA, No. 24 Utah, and No. 25 Arkansas are new to the rankings, while Mississippi State, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Fresno State have all added. disputed.

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