New statewide education campaign launched to support the Florida Wildlife Corridor

“Live Wildly” TV, radio and outdoor ads focus on the critical role the Corridor plays in the state’s ecology and economy

TAMPA, Florida., July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coinciding with the first anniversary of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act, a new statewide campaign, Live Wildly, is launching to illustrate how the 18 million acre corridor touches the daily lives of Floridians, right down to their food and water supply, and its support for local economies, community well-being and iconic species like the Florida panther.

Live Wildly is the first campaign of the new Live Wildly Foundation, a non-profit organization supported by Tampa businessman and philanthropic leader Arnie Bellini. The Foundation works with dozens of conservation impact partners across the Sunshine State, including Conservation Florida, Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation, Path of the Panther, Archbold Biological Station, Florida Wildlife Federation and Florida Trails Association to support their efforts on the ground to protect the corridor.

Florida has long been a national conservation leader, and the enactment of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act adds new excitement and builds momentum. Live Wildly is an effort to build on this progress by educating people across the state about the Corridor as the work of securing the 18 million acres continues.

“With over 1,000 people moving Florida every day, preserving these unprotected areas and positioning nature as a green infrastructure solution for the state is even more urgent,” said Arnie Bellini, founder of Live Wildly. “Yet few Floridians are aware of the Corridor, its impact, or the urgency of connecting it – and that’s where Live Wildly comes in. When we connect citizens to the Corridor through the things that matter to them the more, we capture their hearts and mobilize action.”

Live Wildly will launch its first Message of public interest campaign (Public Service Announcement), including television, radio and outdoor advertisements in English and Spanish that highlight the central role of the Corridor in florida ecology and economy. The campaign also Florida-targeted digital features, including an interactive map to help residents and visitors connect with the Corridor in their backyard, including recreational opportunities like hiking, biking or camping.

Today, nearly 10 million acres are protected in Florida thanks to the dedication of many conservationists. Live Wildly intends to start a movement to help secure the remaining eight million acres still unprotected.

“We are thrilled to partner with Live Wildly to promote an outpouring of support for the protection of our wildlife corridor,” said Traci DeenPresident and CEO of Conservation Florida.

“The important work being done by conservation partners across the state, coupled with citizen action, is exactly what we need to protect our wildlife, our water, our wild places and a $9 billion the ecotourism industry.

Through United States and around the world, wildlife corridors are gaining attention as a solution to connect critical habitats, help prevent species extinction and create new economies for local communities. In the United States alone, there are dozens of initiatives to jump-start the connection and protection of wildlife corridors and there is broad citizen support for valuing and protecting nature. The Florida Wildlife Corridor is a model of public-private partnership, citizen advocacy, and grassroots support that other Corridor initiatives could learn from and replicate.

About the Live Wildly Foundation
Live Wildly Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of wildlife corridor conservation. Through collaboration with partner organizations, Live Wildly is helping improve economies, ecology and livelihoods by pioneering connecting and protecting corridors – starting with Florida. Learn more about and join us on instagram, Twitter, Facebook and ICT Tac.

Press kit
To help understand the extent of the Corridor and the work of Live Wildly, please feel free to download and print the maps, illustrations and charts available. here.

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