Mississippi IHL votes against vaccine mandates for universities – the Daily Mississippian

Mississippi institutions of higher learning voted to ban all universities in Mississippi from imposing the COVID-19 vaccine on September 17.

“The board of directors has banned certain universities from implementing a COVID-19 vaccination mandate as a condition of employment or registration, except for clinical settings,” said Caron Blanton, spokesperson for the IHL.

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J. Walt Starr, chairman of the board of directors of state higher education institutions, said the COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to protect people from the virus, however, the board is not agreed to make the vaccine mandatory at no universities in Mississippi, other than the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The board said that because students at the University of Mississippi Medical Center administer immunocompromised patients, the healthcare provider is already demanding the vaccine for them.

Universities are still required to wear masks in all indoor facilities according to the Mississippi State Department of Health.

“The board will continue to monitor the situation on our campuses and make the necessary adjustments and exceptions to help our universities during these very difficult times,” said Alfred Rankins, Jr. Higher Education Commissioner.

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