It’s time to invest in a great education for the future

Ellis County students who are and will be attending USD 489 for many years to come need your help. A good education is one of the most important things a child will need to compete in the future. As technology advances, the need to be competitive increases. Are we providing all the tools our children will need to be their best and brightest? Are we providing the best learning environment? What about the size of the classrooms? Optimal number of students? All of these things and more are needed. It’s been 40 years since a new school was built.

I recently retired from our local county government as a department head. One of the most important things to keep productivity at the most efficient level is proper training, equipment, and facilities. I believe the administration is doing its best to spend taxpayers’ money.

The downside is the constant repair of old and obsolete equipment and buildings. In October 2021, I received my Emergency Substitute Teaching License from Kansas. This has allowed me to under-teach over 60 times to date. What an eye-opening experience. Teachers at all schools do an outstanding job and strive every day to provide students with the best educational experience. But the buildings are old, the classrooms are overcrowded, the classrooms are too small, the windows don’t open and the old heating systems make noise. These and other things are not conducive to a proper learning environment.

I really understand the importance of being thrifty with tax dollars, but it’s also the only place the $489 operating revenue comes from. My youngest son went through 489, K – 12 and received an excellent education. I am grateful to those who have supported education in the past and I ask you to truly look forward and say yes to providing our children, now and in the future, with the best education and opportunities for life. advanced learning. They are our future.

Thank you.

William “Bill” Ring, Ellis, retired Ellis County Director of Public Works

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