Idaho Fish and Game hosts controlled pheasant hunt for Hunters Education graduates

NIAGARA SPRINGS, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – Idaho Fish and Game hosted an annual hunter education program for families wishing to pass the hunting tradition on to the next generation.

The final lesson was taught on Saturday, as selected students gathered in the Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area for a controlled pheasant hunt.

“We spend time with them shooting sports clays or clay pigeons, we take them out into the field and let them chase a few birds,” said spokesman Terry Thompson. “Then at the end we show them how to dress on the pitch, cook some for them and have a bite to eat. “

While controlled hunting offers a better chance for success, spokesperson Terry Thompson tells me he hopes to show students that hunting is more than just killing.

“We try not to stress the harvest as the important part,” said Thompson, “it’s the experience.”

The main reason for the event on Saturday was to show the students how to handle their firearms safely.

“This is one of those opportunities where we can go out into the field with them,” said Thompson, “reinforce what they learned in hunter education and reinforce the fact that you can have a lot of fun, but you have to be safe at the same time. “

These safety lessons were showing signs on Saturday’s hunt, such as when young Curt Weeks III missed his pheasant but decided not to shoot a second time, thinking it was too risky.

“We both took the Hunter Safety course this year with TanaRae and she did well,” said Curt Weeks, who attended the event with his grandson. “Obviously with him because he thought about it before shooting.”

Safety is important, but Thompson tells me there are other important lessons to be learned from the event.

“It’s the camaraderie, you go out with your family and friends,” Thompson said. “But, it’s about smiles.”

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