Detroit News College Football Pick: Week 10

The Detroit News’ Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski offer their predictions for the best matches of Week 10 of the college football season. All choices made against the spread.

Indiana +19 in Michigan

Coal: Indiana

Chengelis: Indiana

Niyo: Michigan

Wojnowski: Michigan

Michigan State -3 at Purdue

Coal: Michigan State

Chengelis: Purdue

Niyo: Michigan State

Wojnowski: Michigan State

Wisconsin -12 at Rutgers

Coal: Wisconsin

Chengelis: Wisconsin

Niyo: Wisconsin

Wojnowski: Wisconsin (best bet)

Iowa -11 northwest

Coal: Iowa

Chengelis: Iowa

Niyo: Iowa (best bet)

Wojnowski: Iowa

Illinois +15 in Minnesota

Coal: Minnesota

Chengelis: Illinois

Niyo: Minnesota

Wojnowski: Illinois

Penn State -11 in Maryland

Coal: State of pennsylvania

Chengelis: State of pennsylvania

Niyo: Maryland

Wojnowski: Maryland

Ohio State -15 in Nebraska

Coal: Ohio State (best bet)

Chengelis: Nebraska

Niyo: Ohio state

Wojnowski: Ohio state

Marine +20 at Notre Dame

Coal: our Lady

Chengelis: Marine

Niyo: Marine

Wojnowski: Marine

Tulsa +22 in Cincinnati

Coal: Cincinnati

Chengelis: Cincinnati (best bet)

Niyo: Cincinnati

Wojnowski: Cincinnati

Missouri +37.5 in Georgia

Coal: Georgia

Chengelis: Georgia

Niyo: Georgia

Wojnowski: Georgia

Wake Forest -2 in North Carolina

Coal: Wake forest

Chengelis: Wake forest

Niyo: North Carolina

Wojnowski: North Carolina

Oregon -7 in Washington

Coal: Oregon

Chengelis: Oregon

Niyo: Oregon

Wojnowski: Oregon

LSU +29 in Alabama

Coal: Alabama

Chengelis: Alabama

Niyo: Alabama

Wojnowski: Alabama

Oklahoma State -3 in West Virginia

Coal: Oklahoma State

Chengelis: Oklahoma State

Niyo: Oklahoma State

Wojnowski: West Virginia

Auburn +5 at Texas A&M

Coal: Auburn

Chengelis: Texas A&M

Niyo: Texas A&M

Wojnowski: Texas A&M


Coal: 8-5-2 last week, 71-60-5 overall, 4-3-2 best bets

Chengelis: 7-6-2 last week, 67-64-5 overall, 6-3 best bets

Niyo: 6-7-2 last week, 74-57-5 overall, 6-2-1 best bets

Wojnowski: 7-6-2 last week, 73-58-5 overall, 6-3 best bets

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