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College Station City Council members are exploring building standards, land use, and other options as ways to promote neighborhood integrity.

Ideas presented to council Thursday night included ways to try to reduce street congestion, improve neighborhood aesthetics and more.

Their Thursday night discussion follows council’s decision to approve the restricted occupancy overlay, which allows residents of single-family neighborhoods to vote to restrict occupancy of homes to no more than two unrelated people in their subdivision. Supporters of the overlay said the ROO helps promote the integrity of the neighborhood.

Council members expressed interest in many of the approximately 12 options presented to them, including building new homes with parking areas at the side or back of a house rather than at the back. front and requiring larger parking spaces.

Additionally, many were interested in eventually finding a few areas of the city that would best suit a higher density of living, saying they might like to introduce an “increased occupancy ordinance” that the areas could adhere to. There is currently a citywide restriction of no more than four unrelated people in a home.

“I like the idea of ​​having a part of town where you can say ‘look, instead of having a building there, if you want to have a four, five, six or eight bedroom house. , you can have in this particular area, ”said Councilor Dennis Maloney. “It takes the pressure off old and existing neighborhoods that have just been ravaged by this influx of rental properties that have destroyed the quality of life of the longtime residents who live there.


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