Charleston College to Start Relaxing COVID-19 Protocols

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Charleston College officials are easing restrictions on COVID-19 after reporting “encouraging signs” of a downtrend in the latest wave.

Starting Monday, the college will lift its current limit of 50 people at college-sponsored indoor gatherings on or off campus. The limits will revert to the posted capacity of the fire code of the indoor space where the event takes place, according to a message sent to the campus community. A non-student college employee must be present, in person or virtually, to help manage the event.

CofC officials always recommend limiting large group meals and drinks and having food to take out when possible.

“As far as possible and to minimize direct contact, events / gatherings should not include meeting or reception activities,” the post said.

The college is also easing restrictions on guests at residences. Other students will be allowed to log in as guests. Non-CofC student guests are prohibited.

Face coverings will still be required and the CofC still strongly recommends social distancing.

“We urge all students, employees and visitors to remain vigilant in the ongoing fight against this deadly virus,” the message read.

The college says it is also exploring the possibility of organizing a callback clinic on campus for eligible employees.

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